About Us


Lafontaine is the leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the management and operation of hotels and resorts. The company was established in 2000, and since then the company has set one goal in front of it is always striving to achieve, is to provide the finest and the best hotel services and the most distinguished for its customers on a plate of gold.

Lafontaine is always interested in detail when it comes to the comfort and welfare of customers. The company managed and operated all types of facilities, in order to meet the desire of all segments of customers. From suites, furnished apartments and hotel rooms suitable for businessmen to luxury villas and chalets with unlimited privacy to be at the discretion of families who want to spend an unforgettable vacation. As well as providing all the comfort and luxury within its establishment, so as to embellish the smile on the faces of its guests throughout their stay.

Our Goals

· Superior guest services.

· Increase occupancy rates in the facilities we manage.

· Find the target customer to revive the nights that are scarce in low seasons.

· Providing jobs for serious and loyal citizens.

· Utilizing the Group’s services to increase profitability for customers.

La Fontaine …Life is Sweet